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Let's build a broadband network for Katahdin

Lightning-fast, responsive, stable, and affordable fiber internet connections for every home and business — at no cost to the community and without using taxpayer dollars.

Add your name in support so we can measure demand and design the right network for you.

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  • Faster speeds, lower prices
  • Reliable connections
  • More providers to choose from
  • Broadband for all your devices

The Difference

The story today

Some residents have no high-speed internet service to their homes; for others, the cost is prohibitive; and a portion of our community has no internet access at all.

Katahdin Fiber

Our vision is lightning-fast, responsive, stable, and affordable fiber internet connections to every home and business. In addition, as an open access network, you will have a choice of services from varying service providers.

The Impact

Fast, reliable internet

Significantly upgraded connections for users, with capacity for multiple devices in the home


Fast load times and no buffering for streaming TV


Connect to your doctor from the comfort of your home

Your Path to Better Internet

This process means we can build the network as efficiently as possible, without any cost to the community, and with no burden on local government.

1. Help us map demand

Add your name so we can map demand, design the network, and draft the best construction plan

2. Select your services

Join the network and choose the services you want, according to your needs and budget

3. Network construction

Crews build the network and attach the fiber to your home

4. You're connected

Every resident and business owner who joins the network receives a fiber-to-the-home or fixed wireless connection

Let's build a broadband network for Katahdin

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